Wombat Dungeon Master

Dungeon Master takes you to the other side of adventures! This time, YOU are in charge of a dungeon and rewards, sending cute wombats on perilous quests.

Hide NFT loot and open your dungeons for the wombats to lurk around and seek it. The bigger is the mining power of hidden NFTs, the more points the wombats will get. It is in your best interest, Dungeon Master, that they earn a lot — these points translate into your crypto rewards at the end of each season!

Game status

Wombat Dungeon Master: The New NFT Game on the Block

Wombat Dungeon Master is the latest game in the NFT space that has been creating waves in the blockchain gaming community. The game is designed to provide players with a new and engaging experience, where they can explore dungeons and collect NFT treasures. With this game, players can earn XP, materials, and various types of rewards while enjoying the gameplay.

In this article, we will explore the various aspects of Dungeon Master, including the gameplay, clans, sidekicks, and rewards.

Goal & Gameplay

The goal of Dungeon Master is simple - players have to collect the desired NFT loot in as few dungeon runs as possible. As a player, you will be assuming the role of the dungeon master, hiding treasures represented as NFTs in the dungeon for your Wombats to find. You will be able to choose from four different durations to send your wombat into the dungeon: 5 minutes, 1 hour, 6 hours, and 1 day.

Once your wombat returns from the dungeon, it brings back the hidden treasure, along with other things it may have found underground. You will also receive XP to level up and materials, including uranium, iron, and coal. Additionally, once a day, you can open a treasure chest that may reward you with points, item packs, and other cool NFT loot.

From a technical perspective, you are staking the NFTs hidden in the dungeon. As long as they are staked, these NFTs are unavailable for any other transactions or usage within Womplay. If any of the NFTs you own entitle you to NFTs, crypto, or other types of rewards in an airdrop, you will not be able to receive these if your NFTs are staked. The maximum number of NFTs staked per blockchain is 100. If you no longer wish to hide the NFTs in the Dungeon Master, you can unstake them at any time. However, these NFTs will become available for claiming back after 24 hours.


The dungeon masters can play alone or create clans. Clans are the first multiplayer mechanic in Dungeon Master and will become even more prominent in the future. To create a clan, a player needs a Make-a-clan box. After opening the box, the player will receive six clan NFTs with the clan banner. One of these NFTs will be automatically staked for them as clan leader. The player is free to transfer or sell the other five membership NFTs to recruit new members.

Players will need to stake their membership NFTs to activate their clan allegiance. To leave the clan, one needs to unstake the membership NFT. Clans will have an overall and individual performance view, including leaderboards, the members page, individual players' profiles in the clan, and more.

Initially, clan members will be able to help each other shorten the dungeon runs and collect clan karma. Clan karma is everyone's individual measure of activity in their clan. In season 3, players can accrue karma by helping their clan members. In the future, more ways to gain and spend it will be introduced.

Helping clan members entails reducing the duration of their runs in the dungeon. Whenever you help your clan member, their current dungeon run will be reduced by 1% of the remaining time. Every act of help will gain you 25 karma points. This stacks to 40 times per day. The recipient shall immediately see the reduced time without having to refresh the page, along with the names of the players who helped them.

Treasure Hunts and User-Generated Dungeons

Dungeon Master also offers the opportunity to participate in treasure hunts and create user-generated dungeons. Treasure hunts are community-driven events where players compete against each other to find hidden treasures. User-generated dungeons, on the other hand, are created by the players themselves and can be shared with the community. These features add another layer of engagement to the game and give players even more opportunities to earn rewards.


Dungeon Master has already formed partnerships with several major players in the gaming industry. For example, it has partnered with Chain Guardians, a blockchain-based game that allows players to battle against each other using their own digital assets. This partnership allows players of both games to earn rewards and unlock exclusive content.

In addition, Dungeon Master has partnered with Binance Smart Chain, one of the leading blockchain networks in the space. This partnership allows for easy integration with the Binance ecosystem and gives players access to a wide range of tools and services.


Dungeon Master is an exciting new blockchain game that offers a unique gameplay experience and a range of opportunities to earn rewards. With its focus on simplicity and engagement, it is well positioned to attract a broad audience and become a major player in the NFT gaming space. Its partnerships with other major players in the industry also bode well for its future success. Whether you're a player or a developer, Dungeon Master is definitely a game worth exploring.