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Embrace A New World Of Football Management !

Meta Manager is a new generation online Football Management Play To Earn that offers football fans around the world the chance to own, brand and manage their football club, making vital decisions that impact the club's success. Beyond the immersive gaming experience, it provides a competitive gameplay based on football tactic with real-money earning potential.

Game Overview

The game provides all the features that a football club owner or coach have to deal with every day. First it's the customization and branding of the club, your logo, kit, motto, make your club reflect your personality and your value. At the moment you create your club we offer you 11 players that will be your first team ever. To improve your team you can always buy Meta Players directly from packs or to other clubs in the Transfermarket, your scouting skill are essential in your club's success.

Now that you recruited the perfect players for your team, devise an appropriate tactic in order to enhance your team chemistry and performance. The uniqueness of every players is a strength but can be a weakness if you devise a bad tactic.

You have your club, your team and your tactic, you can now enter tournament or league, win club reputation and real-money after each trophies and create a legacy as the N°1 Club in Meta Manager.

What Makes the Game Unique

Meta Manager is unique because it's the first ever online game where every football fans can generate real-money with their digital football club. It's also the first football game where you can have other people than you involved in your football club, a club president could need a coach, a business director, a sport director, ... Meta Manager is a competitive but also a beautiful community game.


The gameplay is based on football tactic, it's a simulation of football, you will never control the players of your team. You're more a coach giving the instructions, your players will do the rest!

That's also why the management part of the club is directly involved in the game, the recruitment is one of the most important part of the game.

How to earn on Meta Manager

There are a lot of ways to earn money in Meta Manager.

First, winning games, tournament or league, every time your will earn money and club reputation. The more your club reputation is high, the better the rewards will be when you win.

Secondly, the transfermarket, as the club president, you will receive offers for your players from other clubs, those offers will be in real-money and you have to know when to say yes or no.

Third, sponsoring and advertising, you're a football club, a community bringing people together around an institution, in your own stadium. Every games will be streamed, everybody can watch it, you will be able to display a sponsor of yours directly in the stadium to generate real money.