Kryptomon Genesis


Kryptomon is an NFT Play-and-Earn Web3 game, where Pokémon meets Tamagotchi and CryptoKitties. Breed, Train and Fight with your NFT Kryptomon. It's a new world where trainers can live a new adventure on Blockchain.

Game status
Open world
Binance Smart Chain
Game Developer

Enter the World of Kryptomon and Unleash the Power of NFT Play-and-Earn Gaming

Are you ready to embark on a new adventure in the world of Kryptomon? Discover the exciting and unique world of NFT Play-and-Earn gaming, where you can breed, train, and fight with your very own Kryptomon. With 38 randomized parameters that determine the physical and behavioral aspects of your Kryptomon, each creature is completely unique and connected to an NFT.

Become the Ultimate Kryptomon Trainer and Save the World

As a trainer in the Kryptomon metaverse, your mission is to care for, feed, and train your Kryptomon partners in order to prepare for the battles ahead. Train your Kryptomon to grow their strength and complete weekly quests to earn KMON coin. Breed your Kryptomon to create strong offspring, and prepare for upcoming PVE and PVP battle modes. Join the adventure of a lifetime and become the Kryptomon Metaverse Champion!

Engage in Real-Time Battles and Trade with Other Players

In Kryptomon, you can battle other players in real-time battles and trade your Kryptomon with other players. With a variety of unique and powerful Kryptomon to collect, each with their own strengths and abilities, the possibilities are endless. Earn KMON by winning battles, completing challenges, or purchasing them with real-world currency, and use them to purchase new cards from the in-game store or trade with other players.

Power Up Your Kryptomon with Energy Tokens

To power up your Kryptomon's abilities, use energy tokens, which can be earned by winning battles, completing challenges, or purchasing them with Krypto. Evolve your Kryptomon by playing certain cards, which will unlock new abilities and increase the Kryptomon's power. Use special items found in the game to gain an edge over your opponents and become the ultimate Kryptomon trainer.

Join the Kryptomon Metaverse Today and Start Your Journey

Don't wait any longer, join the Kryptomon metaverse today and start your journey to become the ultimate Kryptomon trainer. With advanced blockchain technologies, digital genetics, and location-based technologies, Kryptomon creates the next step in the evolution of crypto-gaming. Earth as you know it will never be the same, so what are you waiting for? Play and participate in the Kryptomon league to become the Kryptomon Metaverse Champion!

How to play

To play Kryptomon, players must first collect and build a deck of Kryptomon assets. Each assets represents a different digital creature, with its own unique abilities and stats. Once a player has a deck of cards, they can then challenge other players to battles using their Kryptomon. The objective of the game is to defeat the opponent's Kryptomon by reducing their hit points to zero. Each player takes turns playing cards from their hand and using their Kryptomon's abilities to attack and defend. During their turn, players can also evolve their Kryptomon by playing certain cards, which will unlock new abilities and increase the Kryptomon's power. Players can also use energy cards to power up their Kryptomon's abilities and use special items that can be found in the game. Players can also win by forcing their opponent to run out of cards to draw from their deck or if the opponent's active Kryptomon is knocked out.