Crypto Fight Club

We are a Metaverse arcade game with a focus on PvP battles. CFC aims to give users access to various game modes and earning models. The currently playable mini-games are Chicken Run, Fight The Bear, and the soon-to-be-released CFC Warrior. With PvP planned to release in the coming months! Outside of the games, some of the earning models included in CFC are Play and Earn, Staking, Collecting, Lending, and eventually Land Acquisition.

Game status

Crypto Fight Club Review: The Next Generation of NFT Gaming

Welcome to the Next Generation of NFTs! If you are looking for a game that offers a new level of ownership and participation in a new economy, then Crypto Fight Club is the game for you. In this game, you can mint your fighter, stake your $FIGHT, and play to earn. In this review, we will delve into the exciting world of Crypto Fight Club, where you can take true ownership of your in-game assets and participate in a new economy where rewards are based on time, effort, and skill.

Mint your NFT Fighter

To start your journey in Crypto Fight Club, you will need to mint your fighter. You can connect your MetaMask wallet to the Crypto Fight Club minting dashboard to begin the process of obtaining an NFT fighter. You will be prompted to confirm the transaction and burn 2,000 $FIGHT to open a mystery box. This will give you a unique fighter that you can personalize and upgrade with accessories.

Stake Your $FIGHT

After minting your fighter, you can start staking your $FIGHT. On the staking dashboard, you have the option to stake $FIGHT or LP inside of an NFT fighter for a period between 1 day and 5 years. These two pools are split 80/20, so LP stakes earn higher returns than native $FIGHT stakes. By staking your $FIGHT, you can earn passive income while waiting for the next play-to-earn game.

Play to Earn

Playing to earn is the heart of Crypto Fight Club. Choose your game mode and play every day for the chance to win $FIGHT based on your time, effort, and skill. Mini-games are out now, Metaverse and PvP are coming later in 2022. You can use your NFT for any and all game modes. Crypto Fight Club is a game that rewards skill and strategy, not just financial investment.

Our Brand

Crypto Fight Club is a game that stands for something unique. No two fighters are the same, and neither are the many items available going to lead you to the same eventuality as any other user. You are as likely to win as the next player, and your starting position seldom matters when astute gameplay will lead you to victory after victory. What matters in CFC is how you play the game, rarely how much you put in.

Our team is full of avid gamers with a simple view on the landscape. We believe in rewarding the gamers that not only play a lot but are smart with their in-game currency and know a good deal when it appears digitally in front of them. This is a game where our users can use acumen to rise to the top irrespective of how much investment they’ve put in.

What We’re About

Gone are the days where features are locked behind paywalls and gamers have no choice but to accept the blatant disrespect of the developers they hold so dear. Crypto Fight Club is a game with a difference, one that rewards the zealots of chance who will stake it all in the moment for an opportunity to make their mark high on the leaderboard.

There is a great opportunity with crypto that Crypto Fight Club does not intend to squander. It’s the democratizing effect, a way to level the playing field and ensure each and every player has the same opportunity to make it big. We aim to achieve this by making sure everyone has an avenue to earning extra $FIGHT.


In conclusion, Crypto Fight Club is a unique game that offers a new level of ownership and participation in a new economy. The game's mechanics are designed to reward skill and strategy, not just financial investment. By minting your fighter, staking your $FIGHT, and playing to earn, you can take true ownership of your in-game