Sacred Tails

Welcome to Sacred Tails, a massively multiplayer online game where you can collect, breed, and battle unique NFT characters called Shinsei. These unique digital characters offer players the opportunity to earn whilst they play. By simply battling and increasing your rank you can increase your earning potential, challenge anyone, anywhere, with our open world mechanics. But wait there's more, hourly knockout tournaments also run in our Tavern, 4-32 player tournaments with entry fees and cash prizes for the top 50%. Our upcoming in-game rental centre will allow passive investors to rent their NFTs out to other players, providing a further avenue of earning potential.Our closed Beta is currently live, start your collection and get in on the action now! Visit our website for more information and to sign up for the beta

Game status
Binance Smart Chain


A highly competitive open-world MMORPG where you can collect, breed, and battle mystical NFT characters called Shinsei. Built on the Binance Smart Chain, this legendary game strongly focuses on strategy and chance simulation. Sacred Tails is committed to never allowing the game to become pay-to-win. It is creating a sustainable, fair, and fun metaverse where any player can thrive, no matter their financial situation.

The World of Shinsei

Inspired by Japanese culture, the Shinsei is your entry point to the vibrant world of Sacred Tails. In Sacred Tails, the Shinsei creatures are completely unique and are composed of 12 different elements, 5 different rarity tiers, and 5 different body parts in each element. The rarity of each Shinsei corresponds to in-game stats, providing players with a strategic foundation for developing their unique play style. Whether you are a collector, breeder, or battler, the rarity and composition of your Shinsei will play a critical role in your journey through the game's open-world MMORPG environment.

Avatar Customization and PVP

Fully customize your in-game avatars to make them truly your own. From selecting the perfect outfit to adjusting their appearance, there are many options to make each character unique. The open-world PVP system allows you to challenge anyone, anytime, and anywhere!


Are you ready to begin your epic journey in Sacred Tails? Their Closed Beta is now live. Sign up now on their website!