Tollan Worlds

Tollan Worlds is a Free-To-Play accessible metaverse where MMORPG game mechanics blend with web3-driven 2D virtual worlds. Explore a diverse, story-rich gameplay, interact with gamified DeFi, socialise with other players, and earn rewards by bringing value to the community.

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Tollan Worlds: A Pixelated Adventure Awaits You

Tollan Worlds is an exciting game that offers players a unique gaming experience. With its authentic 2D pixel-art style, modern progression system, and player-driven economy, the game is an adventure filled with battles, exploration, and a sense of community. Here's what you need to know about Tollan Worlds.

Discover a Hidden Community and Shape Your Own Journey

The game's story takes you on a journey as an escaped survivor from The Mainland, a tyrannical city with an imperialistic mentality. In the treacherous Darklands, you discover a hidden community, marking the start of your new adventure. Tollan Worlds offers players the freedom to shape their own journey by participating in dungeon raids, exploring vast worlds filled with unique creatures, captivating stories, and unforgettable experiences.

Unite with Friends and Build Your Own Clan

One of the exciting aspects of Tollan Worlds is the ability to unite with friends and explore the game's worlds together. Players can team up to take on dungeons, complete quests, and engage in battles against powerful bosses. The game also offers players the opportunity to create their own clan and participate in clan wars. The clan system allows players to work together and rely on each other for support as they navigate the game world.

Create Your Own Weapons and Resources

In addition to exploring and battling, players also have the opportunity to mine and create their own weapons and resources. This gives players a sense of ownership over their game world and allows them to have a direct impact on their progression and success within the game.

Marks of Fate and the Mycelium Magic of the Altar

The game's Marks of Fate are special artifacts that are truly connected to the four basic elements of magic: Sevend (Light), Keth (Darkness), Tah (Movement), and Elve (Rest). These artifacts are extremely rare and are believed to have the power to alter their owner's fate for good or ill. Upon completion of the main quest, players will be randomly assigned one of the four Marks of Fate, with only 6,000 of these special artifacts in existence.

How to Get Started

To start playing Tollan Worlds, you will need an access code, which is distributed frequently through various social media platforms, including Twitter, Discord, and Telegram. Once you have an access code, simply enter it on the game's page on the Elixir launcher, download the launcher, and install the game on your device.


In conclusion, Tollan Worlds is an exciting game that offers players a unique gaming experience with its authentic 2D pixel-art style, modern progression system, and player-driven economy. The game's story takes players on a journey through treacherous lands, where they discover a hidden community and have the freedom to shape their own adventure. With the ability to unite with friends, create their own clan, and mine and create their own weapons and resources, Tollan Worlds is a game worth exploring.