Special Force Rush


Special Force Rush is the Philippines’ first play-to-earn (P2E) online FPS game by the South Korean video game developer Dragonfly. Summon characters, enhance weapons, farm Special Bullets in-game, and trade coins—all from the P2E metaverse Infinity Market. Embark in fast-paced, challenging game modes while enjoying the same familiar classic gameplay.

Game status

Special Force Rush: P2E FPS game in Infinity Market

Special Force Rush offers a familiar gameplay experience from Special Force 1 with new game modes, maps, and characters. The game's P2E metaverse, Infinity Market, allows players to mine and exchange earned coins, summon characters, and enchant Infinity Stones. Rush Wallet is the main entry point to the entire P2E hub, where players can choose to play without NFT. The game is part of a family of games offering perks for NFT ownership and is produced by South Korean game developer, Dragonfly.

Farm coins, trade and earn in Special Force Rush

In Special Force Rush, players can farm in-game coins that are tradable to BEBIT coins by clearing objectives and killing enemies. The game's ecosystem allows players to participate in airdrops, including newcomer benefits and other incentives. SFP coins can be active in the Infinity Market ecosystem, but the game's token has yet to be listed on major exchanges.

Infinity Market: NFT games with native tokens

Infinity Market is the hub for NFT games with native tokens, featuring a total of nine projects, including Special Force Rush. The platform integrates Rush Wallet to store and move game assets. The ecosystem offers security against scams or significant market price fluctuations and appeals to traditional gamers who can choose to play without NFT.

How to earn in Special Force Rush?

In Special Force Rush, there are several ways to earn:

  • Farm in-game coins: You can earn coins by clearing objectives and killing enemies in the game. These coins can be used to upgrade weapons, enhance characters, and more.
  • Participate in airdrops: Special Force Rush offers airdrops, including newcomer benefits and other incentives, which can greatly earn additional coins.
  • Trade coins: You can trade your earned coins to BEBIT coins, which is the native asset of the Infinity Market ecosystem. These coins can then be used to purchase NFTs or other game assets within the ecosystem.
  • Own SFP token: SFP is the native token of Special Force Rush. By owning SFP, you can access special features within the game and earn more coins. However, SFP has yet to be listed on major exchanges, so it can only be cashed out via the BEBIT asset at the moment.