Rapty! is a project which will begin a brand new chapter within the metaverse by making it an active, healthy, and connected space. We simplify the way to integrate dancing into every metaverse. At the same time, we provide the users with a unique tool for self-expression, communication and activity monetization.

Game status
Fitness game

Guided by Web3 principles, we use motion capture technology and machine learning models to offer an engaging gamified experience where users can play, dance, share, and earn.


Start by creating a custom avatar which you can later use to log in to around 4000 games and metaverse spaces. Challenge other users to dance battles in digital card-game mode and win by achieving the highest score.


Compete with other users in phygital (physical + digital) game mode. Pick a combination of dance emotes that range by strength and compatibility. Repeat the choreography as well as you can. The better combination you choose, the more powerful your choreography is, and the more your potential score will be.


Mint your unique moves as NFT to use with your avatar and to share them across various metaverse platforms.


Rapty.app users can earn from each other in battles, as well as from trading NFT dance emotes. Our in-game deflationary token is used to mint dance move NFTs, participate in battles, open lootboxes and tip dancers.