Chronos: Dawn Of Time

Fight fierce enemies and build your empire as you explore the dawn of time in a post-apocalyptic RPG.

Game status

The first Traveler sale has ended! You can still get yours on the secondary market. Stay tuned for the beta release, even if you don't have a Traveler yet!

As you progress within the game, you will unlock new buildings and upgrades, allowing you to build your village, upgrade your characters, and expand your civilization. It serves as your operations center.

Your Travelers will grow with your selected play-style. You will be able to upgrade your character attributes, install new part upgrades and equip new weapons. The customization is extensive and provides cosmetic and gameplay functionalities.

Combat and exploration is rewarded with loot. Some of the items you get will be able to be used instantly, like potions or traps. Others may be used as crafting material for more complex items, like grenades, armor, or implants.

The combat system is packed with action and a lot of variety. Choose your loadout carefully to get the most out of your battles and adventures. Armaments can be focused on melee, ranged, elemental damage, magic, etc. that will suit different scenarios and playstyles.

Trade all kinds of items like materials, grenades, weapons, travelers, etc. with other players. On top of that, you will be able to use Dark Aether (in-game currency) to climb the weekly leaderboards and earn prizes. Chronos leverages all its RPG mechanics to create a sustainable player economy.