March 14, 2023

How to Breed Axies? Axie Infinity Breed Guide by Playdex

Learn how to breed Axies in Axie Infinity Origin with this step-by-step guide. Expand your army of NFT characters and get the most out of your gameplay.

Axie Breeding Guide in Axie Infinity Origin

Axie Infinity Origin is a popular blockchain game with a strong community of players worldwide. The game allows players to earn real-world rewards by battling with their cute NFT characters, Axies. However, to be successful in the game, players must expand their Axie army, and breeding is one way to achieve that. This guide will take you through the step-by-step process of breeding Axies and help you get the most out of your in-game NFT characters.

Step 1: Get Started with Axie Infinity

To start breeding Axies, you must first create a Ronin network wallet and transfer some tokens to this new address. This will give you enough funds to buy your first Axies. Once you have your Ronin wallet set up, connect it to your Axie Infinity account and purchase your Axies on the Axie Infinity Marketplace. When selecting your Axies, consider their unique features and skills, as each character is an NFT with different traits. You should also pay close attention to their breed count, as each Axie can only breed seven times, and it gets more expensive each time.

Step 2: Battle and Strengthen Your Axies

Before you can breed and sell your Axies on the marketplace, you need to understand the game dynamics and what makes an Axie powerful. The more you play, the better you’ll understand the different strategies required for each battle, whether it's for attack, defense, or support. Knowing which type of Axie you want to create is essential to make sure you don't waste your Axies breeding chance.

Step 3: Get SLP and AXS Tokens

To breed Axie NFTs, you need to spend SLP tokens, also known as Smooth Love Potion. You can earn SLP by winning battles with your Axies or trading it on several exchanges. However, each breeding also requires some AXS, the in-game governance token. You can track the current value of SLP and AXS tokens using the DappRadar Token Explorer and use Token Swap to make fast and safe transactions. Keep in mind that breeding requires AXS and SLP on the Ronin Network in a Ronin Wallet.

Step 4: Select Axies to Breed

Before you start breeding your Axies, research their strengths and weaknesses, as each Axie has unique genes and body types. Axies are divided into nine classes, and each class has its perks, so you should get to know them before selecting your NFTs to breed.

Step 5: How to Breed Axies

Once you have chosen the Axies to breed, visit the Axie Marketplace and ensure your Ronin Wallet is connected. Click on Dashboard, go to your Inventory, select an Axie, and then click Breed. Find your Axie a mate, select it, pay the breeding fees, and confirm.

After breeding your Axies, you will find a tiny egg in your inventory that matures five days. Once the egg has matured, you can morph it into an adult Axie to determine its class and genes. Depending on your game strategy, you can do many things with your new NFT, as you own your in-game assets and can sell, trade, or use them to battle.


Breeding Axies is an exciting part of Axie Infinity Origin, and it requires some research and strategy to get the most out of your in-game NFT characters. Following the steps outlined in this guide, you can expand your Axie army and create unique Axies that fit your play style. Keep playing, learning, and exploring the world of Axie Infinity Origin, and you may soon find yourself at the top of the leaderboards.

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