Pulsar is an MMO real-time strategy game available for PC, macOS and soon in mobile. The game is inspired by battle systems like in StarCraft and unit progression and dungeon replayability like in the Diablo series.

Game status
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The Vision

Our goal is to build the first AAA gaming experience that connects Web2 and Web3 players in an open, user driven economy. We are pioneering a unique gaming model through Web3 ownership and a player driven economy combined with frictionless, free to play on ramps for Web2 players. This provides AAA gaming experiences for all gamers while creating a sustainable revenue and earnings model for both the project and asset holders.

The Pulsar Universe

Pulsar is set in the deep reaches of space, on a series of planets on the outer edges of the WR-12 Planetary System. For the last millennia humanity has been hopping from planet to planet, colonizing and extracting resources from each new world as they chase Beacon-0, a transmission source from an advanced civilization deep in space.

In Pulsar, players take command of colonization units with the goal of establishing bases across the planet WR-12. Exploration of the planet reveals incredible riches, including deposits of a highly coveted energy source — a unique mineral called Pulsar. In the fight to control the precious resources of WR-12 and to stave off the onslaught of hostile aliens roaming the planet, players must build alliances, expand their armies, and explore the deep underground dungeons below their lands.

Pulsar combines game elements of the Real Time Strategy (RTS) genre with a persistent, massively multiplayer online (MMO) world. Players control a collection of units and structures that they can upgrade and customize to best serve their play style. As they progress through the game, players aim to extract resources from Land, build and upgrade units, explore dungeons, battle aliens, and ultimately build the most expansive army and empire in the universe. In Pulsar, players own all of their assets, from units and structures to resources and upgrades. Everything can be owned, bought, sold, and traded on an open marketplace between players.

The world of Pulsar contains many different gaming experiences - from resource collection and NFT building to PVE and PVP combat - giving players the opportunity to create their own strategies to generate wealth and rise in the rankings. Whether a player wants to focus on creating and extracting value from the game economy or wants to prove their tactical skill in a PVE mission or in PVP combat, Pulsar offers a path for everyone.

Pulsar offers an enormous amount of units and structures that a player can choose to own, build, and customize. Through upgrade crafting and individual unit customization, players can tailor their army to fit their specific play style.