Starting with Solana, we are uniting 80+ different NFT projects via our game, Kingmaker—a PvP fighter where holders get to battle opposing chains online and can access our gaming studio with their NFT.

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Introducing Kingmaker: A Cross-Chain NFT PvP Fighter

In the world of NFTs, new and exciting developments are always on the horizon. One of the latest offerings in this space is Kingmaker, a cross-chain PvP fighter game that unites over 80 different NFT projects. This game offers players the chance to battle opposing chains online, while also accessing a gaming studio with their NFT.

What is Kingmaker?

Kingmaker is the first game studio offering from Unchained, a platform that aims to bring the NFT ecosystem together. The game itself is a classic fighter-style 1v1 combat game, where players can compete against other M.E.C's or partner collection PFP's. In addition to playing against other players online, Kingmaker also offers the opportunity to play locally with a friend on the same computer. For those who prefer to play solo, there is also an option to take on the AI.

As players compete in online matches, they can climb the leaderboard and earn rewards. This is where the play-to-earn aspect of the game comes in. By using their keyboard or connecting a controller, players can battle it out to see who comes out on top.

What NFT Projects are Involved?

One of the most exciting aspects of Kingmaker is the fact that it unites over 80 different NFT projects. These include Degods, Galactic Geckos, Blocksmith Labs, and Pesky Penguins, among many others. As the game continues to expand, more projects will be added to the roster.

The goal is to create a cross-chain interactive PvP arena that brings together NFTs from across the crypto ecosystem. By doing so, Kingmaker provides a unique opportunity for players to explore different projects and connect with other members of the NFT community.

What's Next for Kingmaker?

While Kingmaker is already an exciting offering in the NFT space, there are plans to expand on gameplay in the future. This will include the development of a full battle royale PvP experience, as well as additional games underneath the Unchained brand.

As Justin, the tinkerer behind the game, explains: "We will continue to expand on gameplay, culminating with a full battle royale PvP experience. We will also incorporate additional games underneath the Unchained brand where you will use the engineer and the engine."

In Conclusion

Kingmaker is a game-changer in the NFT world, offering players a unique and exciting way to engage with different projects and earn rewards. With plans for continued development and expansion, this cross-chain PvP fighter game has the potential to become a staple in the NFT gaming space. As the NFT ecosystem continues to evolve, it's exciting to see how projects like Kingmaker are pushing the boundaries and unleashing the power of NFTs in new and innovative ways. So, get ready to battle it out and become the ultimate Kingmaker!