Ethlas is an immersive, interoperable LayerZero games platform aimed at on-boarding the next billion users into Web3 through fun and engaging games.

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Ethlas: Bringing the Next Billion Users into the Crypto Metaverse

Ethlas is a company that aims to be the bridge to bring the next billion users into the crypto metaverse, where everyone has fun, and everyone can earn. Founded in 2021, Ethlas is an All-In-One casual game platform that provides endless entertainment to over 700k players across mobile and online platforms in eight countries. Ethlas' mission is to turn gaming from a hobby into a passion and bring in a new wave of players into the gaming industry.

How Ethlas Works

To start playing on Ethlas, users must log in with Metamask, a browser extension for Ethereum. Users must have Ethereum to play the games and earn rewards. Players are given a daily supply of 10 energy to be able to play the games. Each game has a unique level of difficulty that ranges from easy to medium. Players are rewarded with materials and GEMs they compete for on the leaderboards. GEMs are in-game tokens available for F2P games; they can be used by F2P players to purchase Komo, Ethlas’ playable NFT, by converting GEMs to XGEM.

Current Games on Ethlas

Ethlas offers a library of games that include traditional, arcade-inspired games similar to Candy Crush, Tower Builders, and Tetris. Players compete for GEMs by ranking on the daily leaderboard, spinning the wheel of fortune, and participating in the weekly grand draw. The top 100 gamers on the daily leaderboard are awarded with GEMs, and winners are issued their rewards at midnight. Everyone is granted five free spins daily, which can be redeemed after playing a game. Stand a chance to win energy, GEMs, and the highly elusive mystery egg. Players can also redeem prizes at the marketplace. Apart from redeeming energy and free spins, players can soon redeem crypto.

Upcoming Launch Campaign

Ethlas is planning to launch its series of NFTs soon, and the first 1000 wallets registered on Ethlas will get first dibs on the exclusive drops. Ethlas is in the midst of a fundraiser with VCs, crypto funds, and influential tech executives. The company is also working with incubators, launchpads, and blockchain platforms to create more value for users.

Ethlas' Free-to-Play Games

Ethlas aims to onboard people into cryptocurrency by introducing traditional, arcade-inspired games on their website. The games are similar to Candy Crush, Tower Builders, and Tetris, and players can earn rewards by competing on the leaderboards. Ethlas offers in-game tokens called GEMs, which are available for F2P games. They can be used by F2P players to purchase Komo, Ethlas' playable NFT, by converting GEMs to XGEM.

Final Thoughts

Ethlas is a unique platform that combines the worlds of casual gaming and cryptocurrency. With its mission to bring in the next billion users into the gaming industry, Ethlas aims to make gaming more accessible and rewarding. Ethlas' games are entertaining and fast-paced, making them perfect for players who are looking for a quick gaming fix. The platform's in-game tokens and rewards provide an added incentive for players to keep coming back for more. Overall, Ethlas is a great platform for players who want to have fun and earn rewards while doing so.