DoRac is a metaverse space crypto Play-and-Earn game, where participants will be able to take part in a race track. They can buy, sell, breed, and train digital dogs in a form of smart NFTs with dynamic stats that will make every dog unique. By implementing 365-day lifecycle for each dog we are planning to fight inflation and be the most sustainable P2E game in web3.

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DoRac: A Metaverse Space Play and Earn Game

DoRac is a metaverse space crypto play and earn game that offers players an exciting opportunity to raise, breed, and train their own dogs for competitions and races. The game is built on Binance Smart Chain and operates on a deflationary economy. As players play and earn in the game, they can use the native token, DORC, for various in-game services, including training and feeding their dogs.

About the Game

Step into the gritty post-apocalyptic world of DoRac - the ultimate MMORPG/FPS game that promises to take you on a thrilling journey filled with chaos, danger, and epic adventures. Here, players compete to make a name for themselves, with their trusty canine companions by their side, battling against rivals and conquering the wasteland.

But that's not all - the game offers a treasure trove of rewards for those brave enough to take on the challenges. Take part in high-stakes dog races that offer valuable DRT rewards, which can be spent on training, breeding, and healing your loyal furry friends. Or, delve into the fascinating world of crafting, where you can create unique items and materials to gain an edge over your competitors in battle.

Players will be able to roam the massive open world, interact with other players, embark on thrilling expeditions, and engage in pulse-pounding fights against fellow competitors. And with DoRac's player-driven economy, you have complete control over your assets, thanks to the power of NFTs and cryptocurrency.

So what are you waiting for? Join the legion of fearless warriors who have taken on the DoRac challenge, and carve your name in the annals of gaming history as a true legend. Sign up today and immerse yourself in the world of DoRac!


To take full advantage of the services offered in the game, players can explore the first five project collections. Each collection plays a role in the game, and players can obtain a dog, player ID, usable, mintpass, or mystery box. While the collections are tradable in the official marketplace, more collections will be added over time as the game grows and expands.

Decentralized Economy

The game's native token, DORC, is your key to unlock the ultimate racing experience on the Binance Smart Chain. With DORC, you can train and feed your dogs, participate in high-stakes races, and access a whole array of other fantastic in-game services.

But that's not all - you can also earn DRT by competing in daily free races, which is essential for the game's mechanics. And trust us, you don't want to miss out on the action-packed racing that awaits you. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your dog and join the race to the top of the leaderboard, or trade on the open market to get ahead of the pack. The whitepaper has all the juicy details on the game's tokenomics - don't miss out on the excitement!

Roadmap: Our Journey

DoRac has a well-defined roadmap to guide its growth and development. The journey began with initial game design, community growth, token development, and NFT art design. The second phase focused on fundraising, art releases, video gameplay, and marketing. In the third phase, the game demo alpha was released, and community tests of the game were conducted. The marketplace was also launched during this phase.

In phase four, the game plans to have a public sale and TGE, NFT mint, launch the game, and hold the 1st Derby 100K grand Prix. In phase five, the game will expand to new cities, introduce building upgrades and an industrial expansion, and launch a dog insurance system. The game will also release an MMORPG in the future.

Play Beta Test Now

Players can test the game's beta version to get a feel for the gameplay and explore the game's features. The beta test is available for a limited time, and players can provide feedback to help improve the game's development.


DoRac is an exciting metaverse space crypto play and earn game that offers players the chance to raise, breed, and train their own dogs for races and competitions. The game operates on a deflationary economy and uses the native token, DORC, for in-game services. As the game grows and expands, more collections and upgrades will be added to the platform. With a well-defined roadmap and a community of players, DoRac promises to be a game worth playing.