Dinoland is a 3D metaverse NFT play-to-earn game where you can collect, battle, evolve, breed, and trade Dinos.
Having been supported by top partners/ KOLs as well as joining Binance Live, Dinoland is considered as the solely game allowing user to earn in the middlle of this downtrend period.

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Dinoland: A Review of the NFT Game

Dinoland is a crypto NFT game that allows gamers to own minted NFTs (Dinos) and trade them in the Dino NFT Market. This game is packed full of content to entertain gamers and allow them to earn from their efforts while playing the game. In this article, we will take a closer look at Dinoland and explore its features.

Introduction to Dinoland

Dinoland is a game where dinosaurs are still alive and living peacefully in a land completely separate from the world. This land is called Dinoland, and it is always green and wide. Dinoland is full of mystery and adventure, making it an exciting place to explore. The game brings players to the land of "genuine" Dinos, where players can collect eggs that are hidden deeply in the mysterious forest.

Dinos from Eggs

One of the most exciting features of Dinoland is collecting eggs and hatching them. There are three classes of egg and one lucky random egg: Novis, Aquis, Terros, and Lottery eggs. Each egg contains a Dino belonging to a specific species with a unique power. Novis eggs contain Dino belonging to the Novis species, Aquis eggs contain Dino belonging to the Aquis species, and Terros eggs contain Dino belonging to the Terros species. Lottery eggs will be randomly hatched into one of the three species above, with a higher chance to get a high rarity of Dino. All eggs take six hours to hatch, and players can skip the wait time by using tokens.

Dinos from Market

Players can also buy Dinos from the Dino NFT Market if they don't want to get a random Dino from eggs. The market makes it easy to choose your favorite Dino and build your collection.

Darkie Monsters Gang

Dinoland has a challenging journey ahead for players as they recruit a Dino team to fight the Darkie Monster army. The King of Darkie Monster rules the land with his Monster army, and players must tame and train their Dinos to fight with the Monster army. The game offers different monsters with different strengths and different win rates. The rewards for defeating them are also different. The strongest enemy of Dinoland is ZAYN, the Darkie King, who only appears on weekends and brings a huge challenge for the Dino team.


Dinoland offers play-to-earn features, where players can earn rewards by joining battles, training their Dinos to defeat Darkie Monsters or other players. The higher rarity or level of the Dino, the higher reward players can get for winning. Players can also trade on the Dino NFT Market to boost their collection. The liquidity rewards in the game come from providing liquidity for new users to access the ecosystem. While farming, a liquid pool will generate DNL tokens that players can use to raise the strength of the squad and be ready to leave the Monster Army behind.


In conclusion, Dinoland is an exciting NFT game that offers players a unique experience in a world where dinosaurs are still alive. The game has many features, such as collecting eggs and hatching them, recruiting a Dino team to fight the Darkie Monster army, and play-to-earn rewards. The Dino NFT Market also allows players to trade and boost their collections. Dinoland is a must-play game for anyone who loves adventure and wants to earn rewards while having fun.