Crown Chaser

Crown Chaser is a tower defense–style, real-time strategy metaverse game. The game takes place in an evolving fantasy world where everyone can show off his skills by battling other players in PvP fights. Powered by blockchain and NFT technologies, players will be able to buy and collect cards to have thrilling battles.

Game status

Crown Chaser: The Ultimate PvP Multiplayer Game

Crown Chaser is an upcoming tower defense-style, real-time strategy metaverse game that promises to provide gamers with an ever-evolving gaming experience. The game is available on Windows, Android, and iOS platforms and is powered by blockchain and NFT technologies. In this article, we will explore the game's features and what makes it stand out.

The Ecosystem: 5 Pillars

Crown Chaser is built on an ecosystem of five pillars that make it unique:

  1. Engaging Game: The developers aim to create a game that provides users with joy and satisfaction without sacrificing fun for mediocrity.
  2. Skill-based: Crown Chaser is a competitive game where users get rewarded according to their skills. Players face new challenges as they climb the leaderboard.
  3. Fair Play: The game developers have meticulously balanced each card to ensure that everyone has a fair experience.
  4. For Everyone: Crown Chaser is a game for all players, whether casual or hardcore.
  5. Social Game: The game encourages players to interact and cooperate with each other to complete missions and objectives.

Collect Cards and Build Your Deck

Every player needs a deck of eight cards to start fighting in the arena. Cards can be heroes, buildings, or spells. Each hero is unique and can be an air or ground troop. Other cards provide support, such as spells and buildings, and cost mana to play. Players start with a fixed amount of mana, which automatically refills over time.

Join The Arena and Fight for Victory

The game's goal is to destroy all three opponent's towers or destroy the most towers within the time limit. For each victory, multiple rewards are awarded.

Join a Guild and Create Your Legacy

Found or join a Guild to help each other through different missions and goals and unlock unique benefits. Experience immersive fights in Guilds vs. Guilds battles and lead your guild to become the strongest of all.

League and Leaderboard: Be the Chaser

Crown Chaser is a competitive game with multiple leagues and sub-leagues. The game has a crown system to rank (or de-rank) from one league to another. The more crowns you have, the higher your league and better winning bonus. You can earn (or lose) crowns by winning (or losing) matches. Chase crowns, climb the leaderboard, and become the top chaser!