Arche World

ArcheWorld is the first seamless, open-world MMORPG that utilizes NFT based on blockchain technology.

Game status
Open world

ArcheWorld: A New MMORPG That's Changing the Game

ArcheWorld is the new MMORPG game that was released on 1st September 2022 by XLGames. It is based on the MMORPG ArcheAge and aims to utilize blockchain technology to address virtual asset ownership issues. The game uses the blockchain technology to make every crafted item an NFT, creating a complete ‘creator economy.’ In-game transactions are carried out using the token Blue Salt (BSLT), and the currency Archeum can be traded to BSLT, which can then be exchanged for BORA. Here is a positive review of the game.

Combat System

The combat system in ArcheWorld uses a tab target combat system, which has been expanded to include a large combo system where various skills can be combined to greater effect, especially in parties. The game uses a classless system where players can pick three class sets out of 12 available to create one of the 220 possible classes or builds. However, unlike Archeage, ArcheWorld does not have all skills freely unlocked. Instead, players must obtain items called Skill Notes to unlock the skills they wish to invest in.


ArcheWorld provides World PvP and instanced PvP in the form of Arena and battlegrounds. PvP in ArcheWorld is similar to PvP in ArcheAge, and it is purely about Gear Score. Gear is king in this game, for both PvE and PvP. Players can obtain Gear Score by upgrading gear through the Synthesis and Awakening system. Unfortunately, PvP in ArcheWorld can be quite pay-to-win due to the game store's design. If you are attempting to play ArcheWorld for PvP, be prepared to spend money or suffer some serious losses.

Cash Shop

ArcheWorld has a cash shop that allows players to buy items, but it is quite empty compared to other MMORPGs. However, the game store's design is still pay-to-win, making it difficult for Free-to-Play players to enjoy the game without spending any money. One of the new events, the BSLT Roulette Event, is essentially a Crypto Roulette, and it encourages gambling.

State of the Game

The game runs very smoothly on PC, and the game loads quickly and is responsive. However, the game feels incomplete compared to its predecessor, Archeage & Archeage Unchained. The life skill proficiency tab, which was our life skill levels and ranks, has been removed from the game, and the life skilling aspect does not feel as satisfying anymore.


Overall, ArcheWorld is a fun game that has great potential. It has an enjoyable combat system and a large number of classes to choose from. However, the game's pay-to-win nature makes it challenging for Free-to-Play players. Additionally, it feels incomplete compared to its predecessor, and it is missing some of the key elements that made Archeage so popular. Nevertheless, ArcheWorld has a lot to offer, and it is worth playing if you are a fan of MMORPGs.